UCEPROTECT Zones: Level 1: 169401 IP's, Level 2: 4529 Allocations, Level 3: 1030 ASN's. Last Updated: 28.01.2021 12:07 CET
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The graphic shows you the real mailflow of those of our customers that have freely chosen to enable "report statistics" in their appliances / software.

Those customers are mostly located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This is how we are counting ACCURACY and also INACCURACY:

All Lists are queried at every connection after RCPT TO:

ACCURACY (Graphic scale from 0 to 100% - Displayed in green):
Every mail send to a spamtrap is counted as ACCURATE for those blocklists that report the IP / domain as listed.

INACCURACY (Graphic scale from 0 to 1% - Displayed in red):
Every mail send from an automatic or manual whitelisted sender to an existing recipient is counted as INACCURATE for those blocklists that report the IP / domain as listed.

Counters for the nonexisting (virtual) zone: dnsbl-X.uceprotect.net are counted ONE only according to the description above if any of the 4 real existing dnsbl-*.uceprotect.net zones would report listed.
This is because it would result in ONE acception or rejection only even if multiple UCEPROTECT-Zones would indicate listed.
So the value of counter dnsbl-X.uceprotect.net reflects what would happen if all UCEPROTECT-Lists would be used together.

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